I support professionals to become more authentic and to develop greater integrity in their leadership style and career choices.

Are you the leader you wish you had?  Do you want to take your leadership development to the next level and become a revolutionary, empathetic leader who inspires, influences and empowers your employees?

 You may find that you don’t have the energy, will, or time for self-reflection and development but regular appointments with a mentor will give you the space and time you need to explore your leadership style and consider where you are in your career.

 No matter what kind of organisation you work for you cannot lead others effectively without taking the time to first understand your own self-leadership. 

 It’s never too late to grow, to become the leader you wish you had, the leader to whom many will say “Because of you, I didn’t give up!”

Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader receives Five Star Pacific Book Review Seal, which is awarded to books of exceptional merit. 

With this book, Charley Swords earns her place as a thought leader. Her book, Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader: People Are the Solution-Change Your Leadership Style, stands out from the rest on at least several counts. Unlike many other how-to books on leadership, this one successfully unites theory with practice. The reader is walked through a brief history of leadership approaches then is taken in hand and given step-by-step advice on how to broker outstanding leadership in his or her own sphere”.

David Allen

Pacific Book Review

Individual Programs

Your Leader Power Hour

Feeling stuck? Uncertain about your future? Not sure if you want to lead or be part of a team anymore?

Immerse yourself in some laser mentoring to uncover the cause of your discontent and longing for change.

VIP Deep Dive

Your VIP Deep Dive Day

An intensive six hours focused on you. You set the agenda and we will work together to deliver practical and actionable results which you can start to work on immediately.


Transform your Career

Are you wondering “what now?” or “where to next?” in relation your career?

Taking the critical next step is about knowing your ultimate destination first & then working out how best to get there.  My five-step career program will do just that.

Corporate Programs

Revolutionise your Leadership Culture

Is your leadership culture robust enough to drive transformational change?  Now with the move to more hybrid work environments, are your leaders inspiring, influencing and impacting your employees as you would like?

Daring and Conscious Leadership

Do you dare to be a revolutionary and more conscious leader? To be driven by your core values and intrinsic motivators and to lead from the heart, with empathy?

Charleys' Podcast

Charleys' Podcast

Let’s talk leadership – tune in for quick wins and focused tips on how to sharpen your leadership skills and build high performing teams.

Book Your Free Strategy Call

If you need a short, focused conversation to move forward in your leadership or career transformation, book your complimentary 15-minute strategy call now.

“This valuable time is ample to get you energised and committed to your growth” 

15min Free Strategy Call

Do you have what it takes to be a revolutionary leader?

To stop waiting for someone else to give you permission?

To stop waiting for change to happen?

To take the first steps to make change possible.?

You don’t have to wait until you’re the CEO to start influencing people around you. Whatever level your career is at, Dare to be a Revolutionary Leader will help you to recognise your leadership strengths and weaknesses. It will give you the tools you need to move past those challenges.

I find Charley’s ability to hone into the concern or topic is exceptional. She can see elements that I was not aware of and resolving these empowered me to grow.Her careful wording is encouraging and I very much appreciate Charley“.


“I always feel heard, seen and acknowledged by Charley and my concerns are her concerns. She gives thoughtful advice and courageously helps me see what I am avoiding or not seeing.  Charley does this with kindness and is shrewd in her business advice and sensibilities”.

BA-Legal and Policy Advisor

I intuitively trust Charley who is inspirational and who facilitated my questioning of myself.  I was ‘rocked’ in a great way and I now see myself in a different world, space and arena“. 


“I always feel heard and happy when working with Charley resulting in feeling proud, content, excited and at peace with my decisions and the way forward”. 


My thinking was challenged and I got some great take-aways.  I felt confident in Charley’s support and trusted her in discussing significant topics“.


“I feel heard and respected by Charley, as she has great compassion and consideration for people.  She is the essence of ethical, she brings both her head and her heart to the discussion and Charley focuses on empowering me to change my thinking, resulting in sustained changed behaviours.” 


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