Who is Charley?

I am passionate about empowering people because I want to continue to inspire others by helping them to identify and believe in their own abilities and in their ultimate potential.

I love to help leaders and managers empower firstly themselves and then ultimately their employees, which is key to building high-performing teams.  The thinking that the old power practices that are believed to ‘come with the title or position’ is, in today’s world, ineffective and uninspiring for future leaders.

I share my thoughts in my book Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader, a practical and comprehensive roadmap to leading and motivating employees with integrity and authenticity.  It is filled with simple, effective and insightful exercises, providing a detailed framework to assess and develop your leadership skills.

Clients who work with me on their leadership and career transformation, frequently use the same words to describe how they feel during my mentoring process: empowered, encouraged and heard. That’s because I recognise that each person’s needs and motivations are different. They are usually high achievers, with busy schedules who are willing to invest in themselves to accelerate their growth, thus having a greater impact on their employees.

I have been working with leadership and management teams in various sectors, organisations, countries and cultures for over 30 years.  I have studied and learned from many experts, mentors and acclaimed business gurus and authors and I know that leadership continues to be one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth.  I am a great believer in people, and I have found that some will benefit more from short, intensive one-to-one sessions while others feel more supported with an extended engagement, driven by either a single or a combination of interrelated issues. 

In-house workshops and programs are generally sought when organisations are facing transformational and culture change and who seek my help in developing their leadership teams.

Throughout my extensive career, I have worked with organisations in 27 countries from Boards of Directors and C-Suite Executives as well as those currently in, or who aspire to step into leadership roles.

If you have some burning issues and would like to discuss them with me, please book your free 15-minute Strategy Call and see what solution is best for you.

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