Empathetic, People Centered and Inspiring.

Charley Swords is an internationally recognised leadership consultant and mentor with an enviable reputation and extensive track record in developed, emerging, and transition economies.  Charley has spent almost thirty years working with boards of directors, executives, senior leadership and management teams in various sectors, organisations and cultures in 27 countries.

Charley is passionate about empowering people, specialising in bringing a deeper awareness and consciousness to how people think and behave and the impact this has on their ultimate success. She helps professionals to revisit the essence of themselves, their values, and to transform their mindsets and behaviours to operate more fully and authentically, both personally and professionally.

Charley brings her experience and insights to developing practical strategies with her clients to deliver sustainable transformational change at organisational level and to drive behaviour change and increased employee engagement.

Charley has developed her five-step Career Plan Roadmap © which focuses on her clients getting to know themselves at a deeper level.  Whether it is mentoring executives into more senior, global and strategic roles, or supporting members of leadership and management teams navigate the career path within their organisations or working with individuals who seek to change direction entirely – Charley inspires and empowers her clients to think differently and to believe in themselves.


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