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How to Put Your Core Management Skills to Best Use

The only constant is change. How you manage this in yourself will determine your success in managing your team through change, while ensuring greater quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of care. Management is all about mastering a complex...

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How to Build Your Resilience

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to bounce back from challenges and setbacks more quickly and with greater ease than others?  People respond differently to stressful situations, both in work and in life, and building resilience is a very...

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How to Sharpen Your Focus

Do you find you have days when you are highly productive and days when you are ‘busy’, but actually getting little or nothing done? When you are focused you are more productive and you feel more engaged, less stressed and better able to cope. When you...

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The Importance of Customer Service Standards

Customer service standards are making a comeback – and rightly so! Technology platforms and digital, automated and self-service delivery channels are still on the rise, but it is important to remember that there is a team of people working behind the...

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How to Apply the Three ‘Ps’ of Managing

The only constant is change and never more so than with the current need to juggle all the issues, risks, demands, people and indeed the future of your business. To keep all the balls in the air, you need to concentrate on the three major roles you as a...

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Why Self-Awareness is Crucial in your Communications

Self-Awareness is having a clear understanding of your personality, your thoughts, emotions and ultimate behaviours.  It allows you to better understand how you affect other people, how they perceive you and how you ultimately manage your responses to them...

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