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Set Your Intention for Your Best Year Yet!

Would you love to live a life of choice?  You can do this by being intentional about what is important to you, what your values are and how you live by them, and what you want to achieve. Give yourself the gift of time.  Time to step back from everyday...

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Why Your Customers Being Satisfied is Not Enough

In business everybody serves somebody, but it is how you serve them which matters most.  One of the definitions of the word serve is ‘to be of assistance, to help’ and while most want to help, it might depend on your mood, if you like the person or if you...

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How to Improve Your Cross-Cultural Communications

Understanding and effectively managing cross-cultural communication is hugely important for organisations that have a diverse workforce. Do you have situations where language and cultural differences cause misunderstanding and poor communications within...

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How to Measure the Impact of Training on Your Organisation

So often I hear about the lack of resources to invest in employee development and I always counter this with a question ‘Can you afford not to invest?’ Traditionally training is broken down into two types – ‘Hard Skills’ and ‘Soft Skills’. ‘Hard Skills’...

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How to Put Your Core Management Skills to Best Use

The only constant is change. How you manage this in yourself will determine your success in managing your team through change, while ensuring greater quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of care. Management is all about mastering a complex...

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How to Build Your Resilience

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to bounce back from challenges and setbacks more quickly and with greater ease than others?  People respond differently to stressful situations, both in work and in life, and building resilience is a very...

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