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Brexit-Readiness Brainstorming

Are all your people involved in preparing for the impact of Brexit on your business – whether it is direct or indirect?

Your people are the number one asset in your organisation. They know absolutely everything there is to know about your business:

  • how it works in detail;
  • who your key suppliers, customers, partners are and how and where they ‘touch’ the UK in terms of trading;
  • how Brexit could impact all areas of your business and how best, you and they, could offset that.

But the big question is, have you considered the importance of your people in terms of preparing for Brexit?

Have you pulled all your employees, across all levels, together to discuss these potential impacts with them?

Have you shown how much you value them and their knowledge and experience by asking them how best you all can prepare for Brexit?

Your employees are the pulse of your business and organisation, but all too often they are considered of less value than the business processes and systems in use.  Post Brexit, you will want to ensure your business is sustainable and to achieve this, you need your people to be fully engaged and productive and fully on board with whatever changes you need to make.

Your Brexit-Readiness Brainstorming Workshop

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique used to find solutions to specific challenges or problems within an organisation.  Your people are brought together in a safe environment and facilitated in thinking differently and creatively to suggest as many spontaneous new ideas and possible solutions to potential problems or areas requiring change.  All ideas are listed, they are not critised or dismissed in any way, and an ‘anything goes’ approach to brainstorming is promoted.

I successfully facilitate brainstorming workshops where my clients employees – at all levels in the organisation – are invited to collectively discuss proposed strategies, current issues and challenges in the working environment and to suggest alternative work practices and improved processes, based on their in-depth working knowledge and experience on the ground and at the front-line.  I facilitate full group discussions and also smaller break-out groups within the larger group.  This gives everyone a chance to participate, particularly those who are shy of making suggestions in front of a large group of colleagues, or indeed, in front of members of the senior and executive teams.

All contributions are collated by me and presented back to you in a report format.  This is your road-map for change, and which will be eagerly awaited by your employees, particularly those who contributed.  Prioritisation and implementation of the change initiatives is for you and your people to determine, but it is very important to know that these will not be resisted by your people, because they feel they ‘own’ the changes.

This simple but very effective initiative will show that valuing your people is not just something in print, but it is alive in the culture of your organisation.  It will prove your leadership and it will unite your people to work towards a common goal – all of which will be motivational and will, without fail, improve your employee engagement levels.

There is an old saying – people will not remember what you say, nor will they remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel.
So make them feel valued!

It’s not too late to pull all your people together to discuss your Brexit strategy.  Particularly if you are involved in import and export either with or via the UK, where there will be customs and financial implications and get their input on this. Some of the additional areas of concern are:

  • Ask them if you are registered for your Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number (EORI) and if not, whether you have reviewed all international trading contracts and if you are in a position and ready to re-negotiate them.
  • How many of your employees are non-EU citizens, or are from the UK and what is the status of their visas, their freedom of movement and the implications should they need to leave Ireland when the deal is done?
  • Do you have cover in place for all key positions, are they trained and skilled to cover more than their own key function, do they work well as a team with a shared goal of ensuring the sustainability of your business post Brexit and most importantly, do they feel more valued than your business processes?

To show you care about your people and truly value them; to ensure the sustainability of your business post Brexit and to deliver on the commitments made in your vision and mission – engage fully now with all your employees and get them involved in preparing for and managing the impact of Brexit on your business.

Do you have a road-map for Brexit related changes, have the concepts been proven and/or refined and are your people fully engaged and ready for the challenge of Brexit?

Alternatively you can email me directly at charley@charleyswords.com – I would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

If you feel this initiative is not directly related to your business, but you know business owners and managers who would find it useful, please share this link and my email address with them.

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