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What’s your Career Plan Roadmap©?

It can be a very difficult task looking at your career and asking yourself: “So, where do I go next?” None of us are great at answering this question by ourselves hence we often turn to our friends and family for advice. This can result in circular conversations where your loved ones try desperately to give you the right advice but end up leaving you even more confused.

The alternative?  Find someone who is an expert in the field of career advice and planning.

Whether they are a Career Coach, specialising in clarifying your career direction, helping you understand & build your unique strengths, and work with you to develop new skills relevant to your chosen pathway.  Or a Career Mentor, who has already been where you currently are in your career, they’ve made the transition or career change you’re trying to achieve, or they simply have already gone through the same professional hardships that you’re dealing with right now.

Ray Brown, Founder of, used this example to illustrate the difference between career coaching and mentoring.

“I typically use the analogy of climbing a mountain to differentiate between coaching and mentoring. The coach will assist you in deciding which mountain, when to climb, and to test your resolve as you set out on your personal adventure. The mentor, on the other hand, will already have climbed your selected “mountain” and will therefore be able to advise you on the best “routes”, the possible hazards and the most appropriate mindsets to ensure success.”

I use a blend of coaching and mentoring, whichever best suits my clients, to get maximum results. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Additionally, we look at your perceived opportunities and threats.
  • Build on your strengths and unique characteristics and plan how to develop those areas you are weaker in.
  • Set you up with new skills ready to take on new challenges.
  • Help you develop your career plan roadmap and support you as you make the journey.

Just email or call me and we can discuss.

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