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Career Mentoring

Imagine You Get To Do What You Love Every Single Day!

Whether this is moving to a new job in a different organisation, getting a promotion or improving your leadership and management style and working more effectively with your colleagues – my professional assistance will help get you there.

My role as your mentor is to support and guide you in your development by giving you new perspectives, enabling you to empower yourself to move further along your career path.

Whether you are stuck in a rut or at a transitional point in your career I will help you look at what, if any, limiting beliefs you have which may be holding you back.  I will guide you in understanding what brought you to this point and the value of your work to date.

Get Clarity on Your Career

I will help you clarify your professional goals by taking you through your Career Clarity Roadmap © and then supporting you in developing your action plan and setting realistic timelines

“I engaged Charley because I was experiencing frustration for some time knowing that I needed to change direction in my career, but despite the benefit of numerous qualifications and extensive experience, I lacked direction and confidence as to my options or how to go about this.

I met with Charley for a consultation and knew immediately that we would work well together. Charley has a warm understanding approach and is quick to identity the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. In evaluating my career and experience, Charley took a great interest in who I am as a person, what motivates me, and where my key strengths lie. This stimulated a lot of consideration, reflection and honesty with regards to unearthing the aspects of me that require improvement and the unknown strengths that already exist. There was no hiding from Charley in that she held me to account, but the unearthing which was highly effective, was done compassionately and humorously. Charley displays an in-depth understanding of human psychology in her very effective approach.

Charley was a very effective coach and mentor to me. She instilled a confidence in me that I have no doubt will stand to me long into the future. I now have a road map with key actions which I am confident will take me where I need to go both in my career and my personal life. I have no hesitation in recommending Charley.

M. Leahy

Limerick, Ireland - December 2018

Make Your CV Work For You

Your CV is the first chance you get to make a good and strong impression on a potential or current employer – so you need to make it work for you!

It is a powerful personal marketing tool and I can help you update it to incorporate the following:

  • Align your CV with frequently used terms and key words in job advertisements.
  • Present your qualifications and skills relative to the position you want.
  • Develop a compelling career summary emphasising the breadth of your experience and the value you bring to the position.
  • Detail the results and outcomes you have achieved.
  • Emphasise how you can help the organisation, rather than what you want in a job.
  • Structure and present it with impact and ensure correct grammar, word use and punctuation.
Do Yourself Justice At Your Interview

Nerves will generally kick in just before your interview.  It’s normal to have them but don’t let them have you! Whether you are:

  • preparing for your first interview ever, your first management position interview or an interview for a new role in a new organisation;
  • uncertain you can articulate your achievements and ideas confidently;
  • feeling this could be a tricky / complex interview.

It is important to reflect on your strengths, what you bring to the position and to work on how to communicate well and present yourself to best effect.

There is noone size fits all’ approach to the interview process and my work with you is tailored to meet your specific needs and covers three primary areas:

  • your approach to the interview and the typical questions you could be asked;
  • your application and CV and what it ‘says’ about you;
  • preparing you in terms of your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

My approach to mentoring you in preparation for your upcoming interview is to first review the job advertisement / description, your CV and your proposed application letter.  I will advise you then on any changes to your CV to better align it with the job description and to your application letter to strengthen it and to present you confidently.  This is done for those who are in the process of applying.

For those of you who have already applied, are called to interview and wish to work with me, I will still need to review the job advertisement / description, your CV and your application letter to see how you have presented yourself, and how these may contribute to some probable questions.

We will then meet for approximately three hours – this can also be done via Skype – and work through the documents.  I will ask you the likely questions based on the information provided in the job advertisement / description; guide you in how to answer using real life examples to provide context and I will also ask you some probable ‘curve ball’ questions.  In my experience to date, the questions about yourself are the most difficult to answer and we will spend quite a bit of time on these.  We wrap up then by discussing your communication skills and your way of expressing yourself during the entire process.

All mentoring sessions are confidential and non-judgemental and all documentation you provide me will be shredded when our work is complete.

Book your mentoring session now by emailing me at charley@charleyswords.com

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