Change Management

Organisations don’t easily adapt to new technology or process changes. Yet, now more than ever, the only constant is change.

Stakeholders and end-users have little interest in the mechanics of for example, IT projects, but rather want to know how projects will affect their roles and their ability to perform. Any disruption or disaffection with proposed changes presents risks to project success and business performance.

However, too often a blanket approach is taken to tackling these issues which tends to miss the mark.

In reality, needs differ by stakeholder groups, business units and geographies. Understanding these differences and tailoring change plans to ensure acceptance by affected groups are essential for the success of any business transformation program.

A flexible change management strategy emphasises business outcomes and organisational acceptance, not just achieving project milestones.

I help businesses by:

  • Developing and providing executive sponsorship coaching and alignment across leadership and stakeholders;
  • Developing change strategies with your change management team;
  • Developing capable leaders and high performers to drive and support strategic change initiatives.

My change management consulting services, methodologies, and models can help you too. Give me a call and we can have an exploratory conversation.

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