*5 Out of 5 Stars*

“Best leadership book I have ever read. It is a gem. Full of practical insight.”

Denis Ryan – Verified Amazon Purchase

“Charley’s book is the most comprehensive guide to modern leadership I’ve read in ages.”

J Sweetman – Author, Coach & Trainer

Charley’s book is incredibly insightful. Her thinking is easily understood and it makes it possible to integrate her wisdom into our lives.

Liz Dillon – Author and Radio Presenter

I absolutely loved this book. It is full of wisdom and Charley’s experience. What I particularly loved about it was it’s value to the reader personally, as an employee and/or as an employer. The questions she asks are thought provoking but not the sort that overwhelm. As I read the book if felt like Charley was sitting there beside me guiding me through page by page. The highest compliment I can pay it is that I bought a copy of the book for my grandson who has just completed a business degree in college and is now making his way in business. This book will be invaluable to him as a person, an employee and, perhaps in the future, as an employer.

Moira O’Reilly


  • Develop a new mental image of yourself?
  • Value and lead your employees with integrity?
  • Be more fulfilled in your personal life?
  • Take Action and try something different?

There is no such thing as perfection – only growth. This applies to leadership also.

With decades of experience developing organisational leaders in 27 countries throughout the world – from Albania to Vietnam – I have created a practical, engaging book to help you develop your leadership skills.

Full of simple and insightful exercises, this book will help you to become a more soul-centered, people-focused leader.

“In Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader, Charley Swords argues for a process of personal growth and determination that leads every individual on a journey. It is a guide that will help aspiring business professionals or seasoned executives tap into their strengths and re-evaluate their professional direction. Additionally, work groups will be able to pull applicable material from the text, especially when discussing the psychology of business relationships and how to work together more effectively as a team.  It is informational, motivational and, at times, inspirational.  This guide will be a robust addition to a professional bookcase and a great text in a business classroom.”
Courtnee Turner Hoyle, Reviewer

“Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader by Charley Swords teaches one how to be authentic, transformative and influential towards oneself first before leading employees. What I liked most about this book is the assessment exercises provided throughout.  They are engaging and will help you improve on many aspects covered in the topics.  Swords provides practical tips and techniques than you can easily apply to achieve your goals.  I also loved how Swords delivers her content. The topics are simple and easy to understand and grasp, and the sub-topics thoroughly helped me comprehend what she was discussing, making the reading experience enjoyable.”
Grace Ruhara, Reviewer

“I love the way this book is written, so clear and easy to understand. I think the addition of spirituality in a book like this is so refreshing and needed and Charley achieved a beautiful balance with that. I love the points about the different expectations from employers ‘now’ as opposed to ‘then’ and I love the “KYE” chapter in particular. That one means a lot to me because I always felt like a number when I was in the corporate world and I hated that. I think the interactive charts and graphs are a great idea and I am going to use some of those for my own personal growth.” 

AB – Soul Path Spiritual Development


“Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader is one of those hidden gems that most of us need to read at least once in our lives. It provides practical advice on how to develop these qualities, as well as how to empower team members and create a culture of trust and respect.  Swords keeps the narrative style simple yet digestible and there is plenty of information geared towards building a new generation of effective leaders. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a gentle yet reassuring hand in becoming a good leader.”
Rabia Tanveer, Reviewer

“Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader by Charley Swords was written to help people grow into their maximum leadership potential. Swords uses an interactive writing style and she wants readers to change their self-images, value their employees and understand their motivations.  It is a powerful, well-written book and it is a book which isn’t meant to be merely read, it’s meant to be experienced.  I recommend this book for leaders, potential leaders, and those who are put into a leadership position and yet doubt their ability to lead.”
Joe Wisinski, Reviewer

“In Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader, Charley Swords delves into the different traditional leadership styles to help readers reflect on them in relation to their own style and see which ones align with their core values. According to Swords, self-leadership is a process of choosing your thoughts, feelings and actions and directing them toward improving your skills as a leader and a person as a whole. This is a must-have for the leaders of tomorrow.”
Pikasho Deka, Reviewer


“With this book, Charley Swords earns her place as a thought leader. Her book, Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader: People Are the Solution-Change Your Leadership Style, stands out from the rest on at least several counts. Unlike many other how-to books on leadership, this one successfully unites theory with practice. The reader is walked through a brief history of leadership approaches then is taken in hand and given step-by-step advice on how to broker outstanding leadership in his or her own sphere.”


“A chapter on communication skills offers excellent tips and techniques, including some engaging listening exercises. In Part 2, Swords makes an impassioned case for ‘Know Your Employees’, illustrating a framework that can be implemented for a department or an entire organisation. The text is uniformly clear and easy to digest, with many bulleted lists to enhance readability. Also included are a wealth of exercises, primarily in the form of charts to be completed. A well-constructed, innovative guide to good management.”


“Swords’ manual on transformational leadership will help businesspeople of all levels bring a new level of self-awareness to the workplace and foster a culture of respect. Readers will benefit from her experience, acumen, and humanistic approach to the modern enterprise.”


“Leadership consultant Swords offers sound, practical steps for those who find themselves in a leadership role in their profession, whether by ambition or progression. She provides various methods for self-analysis, always advising that one may not need to change one’s basic traits, only align them with the new trends in corporate leadership. In the past, management was based more on rigid rules. But in today’s rapidly changing technological environment, Swords asserts that managers should concentrate on the people who work for them, understand them, offer them incentives based on their own goals, and help them function as a team, no matter what changes they may face.”


“The book grabs interest from the first, proposing a shift of popular attention from the topic of achieving perfection to that of supporting incremental growth. This paradigm shift is designed to recognize that leadership styles cannot be uniform – after all, leaders and workplace situations are not. Written from a service-oriented, collective perspective, Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader is a provocative career guide that recommends nurturing respect for one’s employees in order to achieve workplace success.”


  • You have the courage to reflect on your leadership style.
  • You find yourself frustrated at work because you don’t feel that you are being heard.
  • You want to have more impact on those around you at work – your peers, direct reports, management and customers.
  • You’re already in the C-Suite but know that you need to continue developing your skills, and supporting your colleagues’ development.
  • You’ve just moved into a leadership role and need common-sense, practical tips that will take your career further, faster.
  • You’re curious, love to learn and value expert knowledge.


Divided into three distinct parts, “Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader” covers all the areas that are critical to succesful leadership.


The first person you lead is yourself, so taking the time to assess your blindspots and skills is fundamental to developing your leadership skills. Through seven chapters in this section, you will learn to recognise what your leadership style is, how to use it effectively, and how to manage your time and energy. With details on powerful communication, self-care, focus, and how to manage meetings effectively you’ll master your self-development so that you can be a revolutionary leader.


Psychological safety is essential to empowering people to create thriving organisations. How well do you know your employees? And why is it important that you know them? Learn about the art of delegation and effective feedback so that you’ll have empowered, engaged employees. Get a better understanding of what motivates different people so that you can build and lead high performance teams. This section also looks at staff development and succession planning so that your organisation is sustainable in the future.


What to expect when you’ve implemented strategic transformation, and how to manage your customers’ experiences during the process. This concise section gives you practical tips so that your transformational leadership continues to inspire others, and your organisational strategy is always successfully executed. Customers have a different experience of organisations to employees. Taking this into account and delivering consistent customer service during transformation is crucial to develop and maintain customer loyalty.

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Best leadership book I have ever read. It is a gem. Full of practical insight.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 October 2021

“I find myself going back to this book again and again. Full of practical templates and exercises that can be applied immediately to your workplace – it is a book that I strongly recommend to anybody who is looking to be a better leader – both personally and professionally. I have read many leadership books and this is different. There are so many practical templates you can apply to your day to day challenges – I can guarantee this book will be of immediate value to your role as a leader.”

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Dare to be a Revolutionary Leader is a book you will return to throughout your career, whenever you need to be reminded of why you wanted to become a leader, and how important it is to develop leadership skills in others.

Buy it now for yourself, your colleagues or your best friend.

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 “This book ‘Dare to be a Revolutionary Leader’ is very informative and it has really boosted my confidence in taking a more positive approach to situations. It has taken the fear out of leading by helping me to better understand myself, which in turn caused me to change my way of thinking, speaking and responding – overall I have become more assertive. I highly recommend this read to anyone in the role or looking to be in the role of a leader.”