“I absolutely loved this book. It is full of wisdom and Charley’s experience. What I particularly loved about it was it’s value to the reader personally, as an employee and/or as an employer.
The questions she asks are thought provoking but not the sort that overwhelm. As I read the book if felt like Charley was sitting there beside me guiding me through page by page.
The highest compliment I can pay it is that I bought a copy of the book for my grandson who has just completed a business degree in college and is now making his way in business.
This book will be invaluable to him as a person, an employee and, perhaps in the future, as an employer.”
Moira O’Reilly

“I love the way this book is written, so clear and easy to understand. I think the addition of spirituality in a book like this is so refreshing and needed and Charley achieved a beautiful balance with that. I love the points about the different expectations from employers ‘now’ as opposed to ‘then’ and I love the “KYE” chapter in particular. That one means a lot to me because I always felt like a number when I was in the corporate world and I hated that. I think the interactive charts and graphs are a great idea and I am going to use some of those for my own personal growth.”
AB – Soul Path Spiritual Development

“I find myself going back to this book again and again. Full of practical templates and exercises that can be applied immediately to your workplace – it is a book that I strongly recommend to anybody who is looking to be a better leader – both personally and professionally. I have read many leadership books and this is different. There are so many practical templates you can apply to your day to day challenges – I can guarantee this book will be of immediate value to your role as a leader.”   

Denis Ryan

“In Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader, Charley Swords argues for a process of personal growth and determination that leads every individual on a journey. It is a guide that will help aspiring business professionals or seasoned executives tap into their strengths and re-evaluate their professional direction. Additionally, work groups will be able to pull applicable material from the text, especially when discussing the psychology of business relationships and how to work together more effectively as a team.  It is informational, motivational and, at times, inspirational.  This guide will be a robust addition to a professional bookcase and a great text in a business classroom.”

Courtnee Turner Hoyle, Reviewer

Charley’s book is incredibly insightful. Her thinking is easily understood and it makes it possible to integrate her wisdom into our lives.

Liz Dillon – Author and Radio Presenter


“Charley’s book is the most comprehensive guide to modern leadership I’ve read in ages.”

J Sweetman, Author, Coach & Trainer


“This book ‘Dare to be a Revolutionary Leader’ is very informative and it has really boosted my confidence in taking a more positive approach to situations. It has taken the fear out of leading by helping me to better understand myself, which in turn caused me to change my way of thinking, speaking and responding – overall I have become more assertive. I highly recommend this read to anyone in the role or looking to be in the role of a leader.”

“Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader is one of those hidden gems that most of us need to read at least once in our lives. It provides practical advice on how to develop these qualities, as well as how to empower team members and create a culture of trust and respect.  Swords keeps the narrative style simple yet digestible and there is plenty of information geared towards building a new generation of effective leaders. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a gentle yet reassuring hand in becoming a good leader.”

Rabia Tanveer, Reviewer

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