Education and Workshop Facilitation

“People and how they are treated and developed, will determine success at all levels in an organisation.” Charley Swords


If you truly want to grow your business, make a conscious decision to grow your people.

Education and development take many forms – classroom learning; interactive workshops where the learning is tested for practical application back at base; online learning with and without my intervention; mentoring and skills transfer onsite.

As an associate lecturer, trainer and facilitator in Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for over a decade, and in more recent years in the International Academy of Business and Finance Management – in addition to my training and workshop facilitation for my private corporate and business clients across many countries – I enable my participants to engage more fully, more personally and to really challenge themselves and their beliefs.

I believe in people.  At all levels in an organisation, from the bottom to the top, and my goal as an educator, trainer and facilitator is to empower them to see, understand and to better utilise their own unique power and worth in and for the benefit of their organisations.  This has yielded significant results, not only for the individuals themselves, but also for their organisations.

The development of people and the sustainability of all learning is central to my approach. I have significant international experience in all these iterations with successful outcomes for my clients.

Just email or call me and we can discuss.

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