Individual Programs

Your Leader Power Hour 

Get clear on your current leadership style and how to revolutionise it.  Are you feeling tired and stuck in your role, have you the influence and impact you once had and are you growing and fulfilled?  Join me for 60 minutes laser-mentoring devoted to refocusing on your professional goals, the quick wins and how to change your thinking and your leadership behaviour.

What you get:

  • A pre-mentoring questionnaire to guide our call and to be completed in advance
  • Clear action plan and timelines
  • 15 minute follow-up call after two weeks to check on progress and refine the action steps, if required.

Email Charley for further details.


Your VIP Deep Dive Day

You are definitely worthy of this investment in yourself!

So many leaders today are asking themselves ‘am I leading my team in the right way?’ and ‘how do I lead my team effectively through these shifting sands – we seem to be anchorless and rudderless?’ and some are even asking ‘how do I know if I am a good leader?’

If you can relate to this, and want to lead differently and more effectively going forward, you first need to get to the heart of you as a leader.  When you understand your unique leadership style and characteristics, you can then apply your unique insights to accelerating your growth.

Your VIP Deep Dive Day spans six hours with me, either in-person or via zoom, and will leave you wanting more.

What you get:

  • Your self-leadership strategy framework
  • Techniques to engage and empower your employees
  • A clear pathway to drive and lead transformation of yourself and your organisation
  • 20 days of email support
  • One hour strategy review session within 3 months to check on progress

Email Charley for further details.

Transform your Career

Are you wondering “what now?” or “where to next?” in relation your career?

Are you one of the c. 95% of people who are considering changing jobs post Covid-19? (Monster Jobs Survey 2021)

Do you need support in deciding which mountain to climb and when, or in being advised on the best ‘routes’ and the most appropriate mindsets to ensure your success?

Ray Brown, Founder of, used this example to illustrate the difference between career coaching and mentoring.



“I typically use the analogy of climbing a mountain to differentiate between coaching and mentoring. The coach will assist you in deciding which mountain, when to climb, and to test your resolve as you set out on your personal adventure. The mentor, on the other hand, will already have climbed your selected “mountain” and will therefore be able to advise you on the best “routes”, the possible hazards and the most appropriate mindsets to ensure success.”

 I use a blend of mentoring and coaching, whichever best suits you, to get maximum results. Every client is different, and so the program will be adapted to be most relevant to you.

My five-step program, completed over five individual sessions, will help you to find the answers you need and to take those next steps with confidence. You will get a new perspective on your ultimate goals, aspirations, and skills. On completion of this program you will have the mental clarity, energy and drive you need to achieve your most daring dreams.

In the words of Paulo Coelho ‘You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.’

What you get:

  • A guided journey through the five-step career program
  • Deep and insightful self-assessments
  • Support in answering the all-important questions why, what, when and how?
  • Your career plan roadmap to take you forward and against which you can measure your own progress and success.
  • One hour career plan review session within 3 months to check on progress.

“There was no big preamble in your roadmap, but, instead, five clear steps that helped me develop a good picture of who and where I am now and who and where I want to be in the years to come.” MO’R

Email Charley for further details.


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