Leadership Coaching for Business Growth and Change

What is your definition of success? For most professionals, it is a combination of factors that lead them to their destiny. Some of these factors are completely out of their control, others involve conscious, deliberate decision making to achieve positive results and outcomes.

Engaging an Executive or Leadership coach was once viewed as a sign of weakness, but not anymore. Professionals with many things already in their favour choose to further accelerate their development by seeking the advice of a coach.  Executive and Leadership coaches help their clients view themselves and their challenges with objectivity, enhancing their decision-making skills and enabling them to lead more effectively.

Leadership and executive coaching works. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the mean Return on Investment for companies investing in coaching was seven times the initial investment. That means that for every €1 spent on coaching, the value added to that employee’s worth was €7. There are few investments that can generate that level of return!

ROI aside, working with a coach will increase your confidence and fulfilment, foster your work-life balance, enhance your decision-making, increase your self-awareness, hone your interpersonal skills, grow your accountability, and reduce your stress.

Most clients don’t need to improve all these areas, but overall, they should expect to have their professional persona transformed by the experience.

Countless successful CEOs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, as well as Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey have used an executive coach. If they can find value in coaching, why not you?

Whether you want to transform your organisation, get to the next level of your career, improve your leadership skills, enhance your image or simply gain new perspective from the insights of a mentor, leadership and executive coaching can get you where you want to be.

I have empowered many across a number of countries and cultures to boldly go where they initially dared not!

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