Management Coaching and Mentoring

Great managers achieve their results through their people.

People rely on your skills, judgements and decisions and expect you to continually deliver, for your employees and for your superiors.

As a Business Manager, you are probably expected to:

  • Lead and motivate your people
  • Develop strategy and operating plans
  • Focus on succession planning
  • Handle crises
  • Give presentations and speeches
  • Chair crucial meetings

All and more which is expected to be handled with grace, professionalism, energy, and enthusiasm. And then there’s the rest of your life, too: all that work-life balance stuff.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. All the ‘Captains’ of Industry’ have their own coaches, mentors, ‘gurus’, counsellors, or wise person – these are their Mentors.

As a successful international management mentor, I offer:

  • Confidentiality
  • Objectivity
  • Motivation
  • Unbiased Practical Support in relation to critical areas like Transformation Leadership, Presentation and Communication Skills, Change Management, Relationship Management Challenges and much, much more.

I take a people-centred approach, looking at the big picture.  I try to get under the skin of problems and work with individuals not just on immediate solutions but on long-term behaviour change, management capabilities, strategic thinking, communication and influencing skills.

Just email or call me and we can discuss.

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