Mentoring for Life

One of the best ways to experience an immediate life boost is to get yourself a mentor.

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, someone that you can turn to for advice on big decisions, for help during difficult times, and for general support as you navigate the day-to-day challenges of work and life.

The mentor-mentee relationship has been around for thousands of years. Because mentors are often more established than you are, especially if you’re getting started in your career, or need a life change, they can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your life and work.

Mentors may be able to assist you in making connections or learning new ways of thinking which will ultimately further your own abilities to lead a fuller and happy life.  They will help you consider new perspectives – their wisdom comes from having been through many different situations before you. Mentors can help you look at a problem in a new way or find a solution to a problem that you may not have considered before. Beyond that, a mentor can help broaden your worldview and gain new ideas and experiences.

An experienced mentor can support you during challenging times and will pick you up at the lowest points of your life: when you’ve lost your job, when your business is running out of funding, when you’re not sure where your next step should be.

Having someone to turn to whose focus is helping you achieve your goals can turn a time of trial into a time of opportunity and energise you.

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