Corporate Programs

Revolutionise your Leadership Culture

Whether you’ve chosen to implement transformational change in your organisation or it has been foisted on you as a result of the pandemic, your leadership team are firmly in the spotlight.  So is your leadership culture robust enough to deal with this?

To what extent do you now have to change the way things are done, especially with hybrid working and reintegrating your employees back into the physical office?

The core values of your organization begin with your leadership, and their embodiment of these will then evolve into a leadership style.  Your leaders’ own conscious and unconscious beliefs drive their decisions and behaviors, and repeated behaviors, both good and bad, become leadership practices.

What impact do your leaders have on how they interact with their teams, ultimately influencing all the other aspects of management? Do you believe your leadership team would benefit from a high-level, focused, six-hour session to create immediate positive impact in your leadership culture?

What you get:

  • One day programme for up to 10 participants
  • Your leadership culture redefined
  • Recognise, develop and harness the power of your people
  • Your high-performance management team: empower engagement, lead from behind, foster trust and recognition
  • Create your legacy of succession and sustainability

Email Charley for further details.

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