Journal - Food for the Soul

Co-authored by Charley Swords and Moira O’Reilly

Hungry for a Happy and Fulfilling Life?

Do you wish there was more to your life right now?  More hope, more joy and a stronger sense of Self.  Of knowing who you are and where you belong in the world?

The answer to this lies deep within you.

Our e-journal ‘Food for the Soul’ is the solution you are looking for.

It will empower you to find your true self again and to move towards living your best life, regardless of your circumstances.


Life gets so busy. We get caught up in what is going on in the world, the worries and the pressure of everyday life. It can be exhausting. I love to take time out to sit and reflect and to journal but I am no good with just a blank page. I found this amazing and beautiful book, “Food for the Soul” and it is fantastic. I can take that timeout, but the book guides me. Asking the questions, as opposed to trying to journal with a blank page, this book guides me. I can do a bit every day. I feel very focused and calm and it recharges my batteries The negative stuff out there that can affect us all doesn’t seem so important after all. I have learned to be mindful, live for now and found what is important to me. I can go back and read what I have written and it always refocuses me and empowers me again. I can truly recommend this beautiful ejournal created, written and put together by two amazing people.”

Ann Forde

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