Strategy and strategic planning take your vision and make it a reality.

Prior to planning you need to invest time in strategic thinking!  Where to, by when, with whom, key external factors, key internal motivators, global and local change and your customers, current and prospective.  Your competitors, can you see them or do you even know they exist virtually – how can you compete? The current global pandemic, what effect has it had on your organisation and what will the long-term implications be?

Given the answers to these questions are challenging, you need to do some scenario testing of your assumptions and the rationale behind your assumptions.

Your strategic thinking leads then to your strategic planning and I work with you to help you decide which strategic approaches best fit your organisation.

Strategy is a creative process, influenced by the realities and opportunities—but only after it is grounded in fact!  I help convert the cold facts into actionable options using appropriate frameworks, competitive and financial analysis, structured dialogue, and other-industry parallels. I provide options with analysis, scenario planning, and an internal capability assessment.

I bring a fresh and disciplined perspective grounded in facts and seasoned with years of experience in strategic planning.

Just email or call me and we can discuss.

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