Team Mentoring

Mentoring is rightly positioned as a learning and development strategy used to further employee development and increase employee retention. This is especially true of team mentoring, also known as group mentoring. This is a versatile and comprehensive type of mentoring that adds additional benefits compared with a traditional mentoring program.

In traditional mentoring, the mentor and mentee are usually matched by similar background or career paths. In team mentoring, the mentee pool can be more diverse in terms of widespread backgrounds. Team mentoring can also be used when one particular mentor has critical knowledge that many individuals need, or during onboarding.

It brings together individuals that may or may not have connections and enables them to learn together. They will be able to support and help one another to become the best individual, fostering a sense of community in addition to their own individual development.

Unlike the one-on-one mentoring relationship, team mentoring can also involve well-established people as well as new team members. New team members have the opportunity to gain access to a network that will offer support, important information, and contacts and ensuring broader learning and development.

Engaging an external and deeply experienced Mentor to develop and facilitate a strong program is critical and this is where I come in. I have helped many businesses internationally put these programs in place and have been a Mentor to various Boards of Directors, Executive and Senior Management teams.

Just email or call me and we can discuss.

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