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Training & Development

Tailor-made for You!

There is no generic training, ‘one-size’ does not fit all organisations, which is why great attention is paid to your detailed needs and the training and development solution is structured and delivered specifically to your team.

Your employees are your greatest asset and through them you achieve your business objectives.  Investing in their development is investing in your organisation, in its future growth and sustainability.

To find a programme, choose from one of the categories below:

Master the Art of Managing – a 6-day, 3-module masterclass.

Core Management Skills – 2 days, for junior managers and supervisors.

Customer Service Management – 2 days, for all customer-facing staff and their managers.

Manage Conflict – 1 day, for those dealing with difficult people and situations.

Manage Your Use of Time – 1 day, for all who don’t know where their working day goes, or how their teams use their time.

Transformational Leadership – 2 days, for those who want to understand how to embrace this developmental leadership style and how to embed it in their organisation.

Strategy Development and Management – 2 days, for those who want to craft effective strategies and follow through to managing their successful implementation.

Leading Cultural Change – 2 days, for those leading inter-cultural teams within a single corporate culture.

Self-Management – 1 day, for those who want to be their personal and professional best.

Build Your Resilience – 1 day, for those who want to learn how to bounce back from disappointment and set-backs.

Become More Assertive – 1 day, for those who want to strengthen their interpersonal engagement technique.

If you have any queries, please email me at charley@charleyswords.com

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