Transformational Leadership

“Leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth.” Burns, 1978

Transformational leadership is the most comprehensive, impactful and widely used leadership style to date.  It is based on the intrinsic motivation of people, as opposed to extrinsic motivation and it has been proven to influence employee commitment to change.

Do you want to become more proactive in your thinking, more radical, more innovative and creative?  Do you want to influence your people to become enthusiastically committed as opposed to being reluctantly obedient or indifferent?

For significant and sustainable growth, you need to have transformational leadership embedded in your organisation.  This occurs at all levels of the organisation, from bottom to top and vice versa, it is affected by all people in your organisation, their situations and their influences on each other.

Self-leadership, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-regulation and inner motivation are key characteristics of a transformational leader.  If you cannot consciously lead yourself, how can you hope to lead your people to grow your organisation?

In my work internationally with Boards of Management, Executive and Leadership teams I help individuals, and teams, to identify their top skills, focus on their motivators, core values, the way they treat and reward their people and most importantly, how to differentiate themselves.

This is a detailed and comprehensive process with significant learning and outcomes for my clients on both a personal and a professional level, which subsequently has benefitted their organisations.

Just email or call me and we can discuss.

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