Your job application, coupled with your covering letter or email to HR is your chance to make a great first impression in terms of the position or job you are applying for.  Beware the ‘cut and paste’ from previous applications or from your CV etc. You need to make your application about you and your achievements, skills and expertise which you bring to the job.  It’s very beneficial to complete your application and then to have a trusted mentor review it for you.  They will see areas which need to be strengthened, shortened, made more relevant etc. and will advise you on how to improve your application.  This will then determine if and when you are shortlisted for your interview.  Interview preparation is more than just going over your CV, your application and the job description or role profile.  It is about aligning your experience and skills to the tasks outlined, and also about how you would approach them should you be successful.  Your communication skills are crucial in your interview and how you answer all questions.  For sure there will be ‘curve-ball’ questions and a trusted experienced mentor and coach will take you through these and guide you in how best you can answer them.  In my work in interview preparation, I have helped many individuals not only understand their worth, but also how to communicate it with impact.

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