This is often used as a general question when people that would like some help with help in business generally but more often the direction of their business or business Mentorship while others seek out ‘business consultants Ireland’, ‘business coaching Ireland’, ‘business coach Ireland’ or just a more generic ‘mentor Ireland’ etc.

I tend to find that People need and want a blend of coaching and mentoring, the Business is the people.

What happens is that a Coach or Mentor will help the individuals clarify what they want for themselves and for the business and then facilitates the options for making it happen sometimes directing and sometimes coaching and this is what we mean by blended.

Sometimes business search the Internet looking for this solution but limit themselves with Terms like business mentors Ireland, business mentoring Ireland, business mentor Ireland as generally the really good mentor doesn’t just limit their services to Business mentoring, they are often a strategist, a facilitator, a trainer, A mindset Coach, a motivator. Some Mentors define themselves are business advisor.

Referrals are important, ask your peers to refer you to their Advisor, Mentor or Coach, if you can, seek out testimonials, as previous client experience. Then look for a chat with your short list Mentor and Coach and see if you hit it off.

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