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I am an international leadership, management, career and business strategist and trainer.

I am passionate about empowering people, supporting them to be their absolute best, to lead consciously and to build high performing individuals and teams in their organisations.


In keeping with Government guidelines and to reduce the health risk for all, I am not meeting clients face-to-face or in a physical training room setting at this time.

However, all services are available online via Zoom, by phone and in some instances via email – whichever medium works best for you.

People are at the heart of the solution – regardless of the business issues that need to be addressed.

Everyone knows that organisations world-wide achieve results through their people. I encourage my clients to move things into sharper focus, guiding them to develop this practice of looking to their customers, employees and themselves.

Manage Your Career

I work with professionals at all levels and across many sectors.

As an international strategist and career mentor for over 23 years, I have witnessed how career management moved from being the remit of Human Resources to being the absolute responsibility of each individual.  I have mentored many successful people in clarifying their dream job, in developing their unique career plan and in achieving their true potential.  I can do the same for you!

For support in managing your career, strengthening your career marketing tool - your CV - and preparing you for interview, click here for details of my career mentoring solutions.


I specialise in the strategic development of enterprises and institutions with a focus on strategy development, organisational restructuring, culture change and leadership and management development.

I partner my clients in achieving tangible results and in taking decisive action to achieve their goals during implementation.

Whether it is in Ireland or overseas, I consult privately or as a sub-contractor to major international organisations.

For more detailed information review here or email me at charley@charleyswords.com

Training & Development

I develop and deliver customised and practical education and development programmes and workshops worldwide.  They are tailor-made to ensure the specific needs of your organisation are met and to ensure your people are challenged in their thinking and how to apply their learning.

All programmes and workshops are interactive and results orientated - and are now available via Zoom - and I work with:

  • Corporations and SMEs - all sectors;
  • Healthcare Sector – public, private and member associations;
  • International Donor and Government funded Programmes;
  • Open Programmes via Trade and Business Associations and privately.

For more detailed information on my signature and most in-demand programmes and workshops review here or email me at charley@charleyswords.com

What People Are Saying

“Excellent training”.

“Excellent course, thank you”.

“Excellent day, really enjoyed it”.

“Would highly recommend Charley’s trainings and there is a huge need to have these more often.”

Collection of testimonials from attendees at the ’Assertiveness’ training programme delivered in the Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation (INMO)

Ireland - March 2020

“I loved working on my copy of the Career Plan Roadmap.

For a start, it asks questions like “who you want to be” rather than “what you want to do”.  Now more than ever, I think this is such a valuable question and a great place to start from.

The questionnaire found me at a time when I was looking for new direction and couldn’t really see the wood for the trees.  There was no big preamble in your roadmap, but, instead, five clear steps that helped me develop a good picture of who and where I am now and who and where I want to be in the years to come. I honestly don’t think it matters where a person is in their life or career, this roadmap makes you think, explore and seek out clear answers as who you want to be rather than simply what it is you want to do.  Yes, it is a very practical exercise but asks questions in a creative and thoughtful way.  It is non- threatening and doesn’t get bogged down in endless questions that leave my head in a spin.  Its straightforwardness and calmness gave me space to freely explore with self-confidence.”

M. O’Reilly

Portlaoise, Ireland - May 2020

“Superb training, really excellent and very useful for the bank and the trainers.”

“It was challenging, interactive and made us think outside the box.”

“Very clear and clever delivery with super individual coaching feedback by Charley.”

“There was a positive energy in the group at all times and our individual presentations really brought the learning all together.”

“There was something special about this training and the only way I can explain it is to say it was Charley who made it special.”

Collection of testimonials from attendees at the 'Train the Trainer' programme delivered to TEB Bank, Kosovo - Feburary 2020

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