In study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Emmons found that when people kept a gratitude journal, they were happier. So much happier, in fact, after a month of daily journaling, they showed a 10 per cent increase on subjective happiness—that’s the same jump in happiness you’d expect if you doubled your income.

Going through daily life that is filled with work, responsibilities and challenges including a worldwide pandemic, without any sense of relief can be challenging to our mental health. It turns out there is, indeed, one simple practice that can make you happier, even when your circumstances remain the same: keeping a gratitude journal.

“Just over two years ago, a very dear friend was receiving chemotherapy and was feeling very low. During one of our chats, I suggested that she start a gratitude journal to remind her of all the good that is still in her life. The difficulty of linking gratitude to such a challenging situation wasn’t an easy one, yet it is only when writing about the positive thoughts and events in her life when she was feeling low, that helped provide both a shot of positivity and much solace to her. Going back to the journal and reading only positive things about her life lifted her spirits.

My friend kept the journal and spoke often about how much it helped her. It had such a positive impact on her mood and wellbeing that she shared the concept of keeping a gratitude journal with her fellow chemotherapy comrades. Many of them subsequently kept gratitude journals and equally it brought them peace and serenity during the often turbulent times and challenges being faced during their treatment. When my dear friend sadly lost her battle with cancer earlier this year, it was humbling to know her gratitude journal was such an uplifting and calming influence for her.

I share this example by way of showing that the power of gratitude must never be underestimated even in your darkest moments.” 


The Food for the Soul Journal is a daily symbol of gratitude so that when you just look at it, you will feel a sense of appreciation and calm.

It spans 12 months, which are not time or year specific. Each month has a specific theme and each week within that, has sub-themes or recipes which are all inter-related and link back to the overarching theme of the month. These recipes have gentle journaling prompts to guide you through your thinking process and your process of renewal and revitalisation.

Whatever stage of life you are at, your final results will come from the actions you take to consider your thinking, your view of yourself in the world and your determination to live a more joyous, purposeful and fulfilling life.

Life gets so busy. We get caught up in what is going on in the world, the worries and the pressure of everyday life. It can be exhausting. I love to take time out to sit and reflect and to journal but I am no good with just a blank page. I found this amazing and beautiful book, “Food for the Soul” and it is fantastic. I can take that timeout, but the book guides me. Asking the questions, as opposed to trying to journal with a blank page, this book guides me. I can do a bit every day. I feel very focused and calm and it recharges my batteries The negative stuff out there that can affect us all doesn’t seem so important after all. I have learned to be mindful, live for now and found what is important to me. I can go back and read what I have written and it always refocuses me and empowers me again. I can truly recommend this beautiful ejournal created, written and put together by two amazing people.”

Ann Forde



Charley is passionate about empowering people. She specialises in bringing a deeper awareness and consciousness to how people think and behave, and the impact this has on their ultimate success. She inspires people to look to the very essence of themselves, to understand their true nature and to channel this in becoming their best authentic selves. Charley helps professionals to transform their mindset and actions to operate more fully and successfully, both personally and professionally. She has worked across c.30 countries, and is continuing to work with individuals and leadership teams providing mentoring, coaching, training and consultancy services to help them achieve peak performance. She has been a key-note speaker at multiple national and international conferences.


Moira has many years’ experience facilitating women’s groups and workshops, motivating and empowering the women to find their true selves. More recently, she divides her time between coaching a small number of women business owners on a one-to-one basis and she is also developing her creative talents, especially in the area of dotting. Among other things, Moira has published her book ‘The Woman’s Totem’ and has delivered many workshops around this theme. Moira passionately believes that exploring our creative nature is a pathway to deepening the connection to our deepest selves. She is a Life Coach and has trained as an NLP practitioner but, more than anything else, she brings her passion, her down-to-earth life experience and her authentic self to everything she does.