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Charley Swords is a respected author and leadership expert having founded Charley Swords Consultancy in 1997. Since then she has worked in over 27 countries having worked for 18 years in a leading Irish commercial bank. She is a part-time associate lecturer in both Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in the areas of Executive Education and International Advisory Services; and with the International Academy of Business and Finance Management in the areas of strategy and leadership development training.

In her work as a mentor, trainer and consultant with individuals and management and leadership teams up to and including executives and Boards of Directors, she challenges conventional wisdom through sharp strategic insights, and in her unique approach and style, she presents a revolutionary framework for aspiring and experienced leaders alike. She offers transformative solutions in strategic thinking and positioning, modern people-led leadership and business transformation that empower leaders to unleash their own potential and the full potential of their people.

Charley has a proven reputation in the area of career development, supporting clients with CV development, job applications and with in-depth and challenging interview preparation coupled with confidence and presence-building techniques.  Personal career strategies and action plans are a specialty, with clients elevating themselves beyond their initial goals.

“I feel heard and respected by Charley, as she has great compassion and consideration for people.  She is the essence of ethical, she brings both her head and her heart to the discussion and Charley focuses on empowering me to change my thinking, resulting in sustained changed behaviours.”

Her award-winning book ‘Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader – People are the Solution, Change Your Leadership Style’ challenges the status quo by emphasizing the critical role of people in driving organisational success and it guides readers on a journey of self-discovery, enabling them to embrace new approaches and implement effective strategies.

Charley believes strongly that people in all organisations want and need to be seen, heard and valued and this is a recurring theme in her work with high-powered individuals and teams who are intent on ‘coming out of the shadows’ in their personal and professional lives.  

“I always feel heard, seen and acknowledged by Charley and my concerns are her concerns. She gives thoughtful advice and courageously helps me see what I am avoiding or not seeing.  Charley does this with kindness and is shrewd in her business advice and sensibilities.

BA-Legal and Policy Advisor

My latest book “How To Be A Revolutionary Leader”, is a practical and comprehensive roadmap to leading and motivating employees with integrity and authenticity. It is filled with effective and insightful exercises, providing you with a detailed framework to assess and develop your own leadership style.


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