Do you want to consciously change your thinking and ultimately your personal and professional results?
Are you feeling crippled by a toxic work environment or work colleagues?

Has lack of fulfilment, fear, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and/or a feeling of having no value come to be ‘the norm’ for you?

This in-demand process is an incredible opportunity for you to spend seven weeks decluttering your mind of the chatter and changing the habits which are holding you back. It runs in cycles of seven weeks to provide you with a short and intense process of resetting and refocusing to set you up for even greater results and fulfilment.
What would your life look like if your self-belief was much stronger and you were more assertive and stronger in yourself?  How would you feel in this scenario?
I can help you to step into your own power and live the life you want – not the life others want for you.
Would you like to now put in the work and get started on my 7-week program?


Charley Swords

Leadership Strategist | Career Mentor | Business Consultant | International Trainer & Speaker | Author 

Charley is a leadership specialist who has worked with organisations in 27 countries in her extensive career, from Boards of Directors and C-Suite Executives as well as those currently in, or who aspire to step into leadership roles.

Charley’s love for helping leaders and managers to empower firstly themselves and then ultimately their employees in order to build high-performing teams has led her to design and develop this new Mentoring Programme.

Let Charley mentor you personally through this incredible 7 week programme to ensure that 2024 is the year you master your own Self Leadership.

  • You Today pre-programme questionnaire discussion and elaboration
  • Self-Leadership – clarify your core values and motivators
  • Know Yourself – understand the difference between your Self-Worth / Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence – all required to avoid Self-Sabotage
  • You in 2 Years – how to develop your vision both personally and professionally
  • Your SWOT – Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses and then determine where the Opportunities are for you. The Threats here can be some of your weaknesses and some external factors.
  • Your Success Stories – what the evidence says
  • Key Self-leadership Habits – staying on track with daily practices to help you change your thinking and your habits for the good!
  • Personal Mentoring with Charley Swords
  • A pre-mentoring questionnaire to help you prioritise your key challenges
  • 7 weekly 1-to-1 mentoring calls – 1 hour duration
  • Materials and exercises to complete
  • Guidance in developing your Self-Leadership Roadmap
  • 1 follow-up call, within 1 month of finishing the program.

Taking Charley’s Master Your Self-Leadership Mentoring Program helped me rethink how I view my professional and private life and to develop a positive action plan to move forward with a clear line of sight of what I’d like to achieve in both. I started from a place of significant self-doubt and soon realised I had forgotten who I truly am, my purpose in life, my achievements and successes to date and more importantly, how much more I want to contribute and live boldly.  The modular worksheets and exercises were very thought provoking and sometimes challenging.

I always felt Charley provided a very safe space to really open up about my true thoughts and feelings. While this was difficult at times for me, Charley’s support, encouragement and clever questioning helped me enormously and this has had a huge impact on how I now think about and deal with situations in my life.

I am incredibly grateful to Charley for helping me to change my mindset and to find my true self again.  I now live in a genuinely more positive frame of mind and my confidence in work and in myself have improved greatly.

Jenny L, Financial Services Management

“I had first heard Charley lecture in 2016 – I found her explanations made sense and she was so easy to listen to. Over the years I received her newsletters, it wasn’t until I saw her Master Your Self-Leadership Mentoring Program I decided to get in touch. At that time, I was in a very difficult working environment and could not see a way forward. At the beginning of our engagement, I was not in a good space to discuss my job and work environment with a ‘stranger’. I was being given ‘homework,’ – and I was in no mood for ‘homework’!

Even though I had signed up for her guidance and advice, I was not very receptive to either listening or doing the inner work. This changed. Charley was very patient with me – I was not a good timekeeper, I dragged my feet and did the least amount of ‘homework’ I have ever done in my life, as it was very subjective!  But Charley was there for me, not for herself! She listened between the lines. She spoke to me in the way I needed her to get through to me – intuitively, practically and non-academically.

By the end of the program, I had begun to see and believe that I do have potential and I could see a way forward. Charley’s patience, listening skills, her vast experience and her conversational skills played a big part in me moving out of the dark place I was in to have the confidence to believe in myself and my potential. The program wasn’t all about me in the work environment – it was bigger than that.  It was about Me as a whole person, managing MY working skills, MY thinking skills and MY life confidence skills. Thanks Charley.”

Helen B. – Senior Nurse Manager