“I love the way this book is written, so clear and easy to understand. I think the addition of spirituality in a book like this is so refreshing and needed and Charley achieved a beautiful balance with that. I love the points about the different expectations from employers ‘now’ as opposed to ‘then’ and I love the “KYE” chapter in particular. That one means a lot to me because I always felt like a number when I was in the corporate world and I hated that. I think the interactive charts and graphs are a great idea and I am going to use some of those for my own personal growth.”
AB – Soul Path Spiritual Development

“Charley’s book is the most comprehensive guide to modern leadership I’ve read in ages.”

J Sweetman, Author, Coach & Trainer

“I find myself going back to this book again and again. Full of practical templates and exercises that can be applied immediately to your workplace – it is a book that I strongly recommend to anybody who is looking to be a better leader – both personally and professionally. I have read many leadership books and this is different. There are so many practical templates you can apply to your day to day challenges – I can guarantee this book will be of immediate value to your role as a leader.”   

Denis Ryan

 “This book ‘Dare to be a Revolutionary Leader’ is very informative and it has really boosted my confidence in taking a more positive approach to situations. It has taken the fear out of leading by helping me to better understand myself, which in turn caused me to change my way of thinking, speaking and responding – overall I have become more assertive. I highly recommend this read to anyone in the role or looking to be in the role of a leader.” 


“Charley is very experienced and supportive, providing realistic and customisable insights and experiences to put into practice. I found our sessions hugely interesting and fruitful and she is an excellent mentor.”

AT – C-Suite Corporate Banking

“I found the coaching very helpful, valuable and practical.  It enabled me to delegate more effectively resulting in more motivated employees Manager level. I loved the easy, friendly engagement and found some of the more simple tools and techniques to be the most effective.”.

ZT– Director Banking

“I feel heard and respected by Charley, as she has great compassion and consideration for people.  She is the essence of ethical, she brings both her head and her heart to the discussion and Charley focuses on empowering me to change my thinking, resulting in sustained changed behaviours”. 

MO'R Coach

“Charley makes me feel empowered while also making me realise there is more to be done”.


“I find Charley’s ability to hone into the concern or topic is exceptional.  She can see elements that I was not aware of and resolving these empowered me to grow.  Her careful wording is encouraging and I very much appreciate Charley”.


“I feel very comfortable with Charley’s experience and knowledge and always feel I am in safe hands.  I am challenged in a warm and friendly way which encourages me to be more fully open to the mentoring process”.

JR - Senior Manager

“Charley’s clear logical thinking and her ability to simplify processes and methodologies enabled us manage our business more effectively”.

EI - Managing Director

“I have beneficially experienced Charley’s innate intelligence, acute business acumen, management skills and personal empathy in her mentoring role.”

MO'G - Solicitor

“Charley had a significant impact on me, I trusted her wisdom and understanding of my culture and perspective and I appreciated the eye-opening discussions and insights”.

MA - Director

“I am eternally grateful to Charley for the depth of her wisdom, her intuitiveness and her very subtle spirituality which brings an extra dimension to her work with me.  Our work is ongoing, a journey of discovery for me as I enter a new phase in my life.  I want to make some really important changes and need some direction and guidance.  Life is hard and Charley guides me, challenges me and instinctively knows when to ‘mind’ me and to look out for me.  This process is not in the least prescriptive, it is more holistic and covers the broader purpose of my life which I find invigorating, exciting and terrifying in equal measure.  Charley’s expertise and openness have guided me towards realising new goals and ambitions which I feel more comfortable and confident to explore. 

MB – School Director

“There was no big preamble in your roadmap, but, instead, five clear steps that helped me develop a good picture of who and where I am now and who and where I want to be in the years to come.”

MO’R Coach

“Charley has a knack for identifying the critical path to success for any assignment“.JS – President

“Very clear and clever delivery with super individual coaching feedback by Charley.”

TK - Solicitor

“I intuitively trust Charley who is inspirational and who facilitated my questioning of myself. I was ‘rocked’ in a great way and I now see myself in a different world, space and arena”.


“I always feel heard, seen and acknowledged by Charley and my concerns are her concerns. She gives thoughtful advice and courageously helps me see what I am avoiding or not seeing.  Charley does this with kindness and is shrewd in her business advice and sensibilities.

BA-Legal and Policy Advisor

“I always have clarity after speaking with Charley. The obstacles in my mind are removed, I have a greater sense of self-worth, I feel empowered and I can see the value I bring to my team”.

DT - Director

“My thinking was challenged and I got some great take-aways. I felt confident in Charley’s support and trusted her in discussing significant topics”.


“There was something special about this process and the only way I can explain it is to say it was Charley who made it special.”

KZ - Director

“Thank you for your unreserved sharing of your skills and experiences – they were invaluable”.

FB - C-Suite Banking

“Charley had a significant impact on me, I trusted her wisdom and understanding of my culture and perspective and I appreciated the eye-opening discussions and insights”.

MA - Director

“I feel very engaged with Charley as she asks very guided and thoughtful questions. She listens deeply and when working with her, we revert to prior discussions for continuity and context.”

PL - Senior Manager

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Ready to Schedule an Appointment?