Whether you are developing your career within your current organisation or are contemplating leaving to join a new organisation, or even starting up your own business, career coaching can help you get the results you want.

Some might ask what exactly is career coaching?  Simply put, career coaching is about providing support to help you get clarity on:

  • what you would love to work at, where and why;
  • the logical steps you need to take to achieve your goal;
  • developing your career plan or roadmap.

A career coach also provides direction as you work through this process and helps you to achieve your goals sooner than if you try to do it all on your own.

When setting your goals, dreaming big is important in determining your goal, your WHAT, and being realistic in terms of the steps to take to achieve it, your HOW, will need to become comfortable bed-fellows. Your coach will guide you in identifying any challenges you might face and also in finding solutions to them.  As you move through the process, your coach will also keep you motivated and will support you in developing your self-confidence to make great changes in your working life – and ultimately, in your entire life.

The benefits of working with a career coach are many and varied:

  • the advice, guidance and support you receive is very personal;
  • you will be able to get clarity on the dream job you want for you;
  • you will be supported in developing your career roadmap, complete with milestones, to keep you on track in achieving your career goal;
  • your thinking and your perception of yourself, your skills and capabilities will be challenged as you go on your journey of self-discovery;
  • as a result of all this your self-esteem and self-confidence will improve and you will become more focused and decisive;
  • and ultimately, you will achieve great things for you!

If you are not sure this is for you, perhaps you need to take some time to assess where you are in your professional life and if this is where, and how, you want to be

  • Have you set a stretching, but achievable career goal which seems to be eluding you?  Do you feel you’re getting left behind in the organisation or have you just outgrown your current job?
  • Do you absolutely love what you do, but feel under-valued, overwhelmed and are bordering on burnout?
  • Are you tired of your current situation working endless hours, tackling increased workloads and asking yourself “is this it?”

And if you are still unsure, but would like more information, speak with your friends and colleagues who have engaged a career coach to understand how it worked for them and how it helped them change their career direction.

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