Careers today don’t have the same meaning as they had years ago – the ‘permanent and pensionable’ mindset is long gone!  You are likely to have several careers during your working life now, and landing your dream job could be the culmination of many years of varying experiences.

Do you wish there was another option to your current job that would lead to a more exciting, unique and fulfilling life for you?

If you are thinking of landing your absolute dream job, which might seem like light years away from your current work, it likely means you are more focused now on career fulfilment and purpose.  More on who you want to be rather than what you want to do?

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Whether you have outgrown your current job and want to move up the ladder or are starting in a new role or organisation, or even thinking of setting up your own business – with the right amount of thought and preparation, you can achieve your dream job.  The question is, how?

In the same way when travelling, there are some logical steps you must take – the first is knowing where you are headed!  When you know this, then you need to consider where you are now and what options are available to you to reach your destination.  When looking at those options, you need to make decisions and then you finally map out your route.

Very few people use paper fold-up maps now, but even if you do, or you use google maps, route planners or the GPS in your car or on your phone, the first thing you state is your destination and based on that, your options, routes, possible timeline and costs are presented.  You decide which route is best for you and away you go!

The same applies to getting to your dream job and my Career Clarity Roadmap will guide you through each step of your journey – always start with the end in sight!

Use the steps below to guide you in getting clarity on what your dream job actually looks and feels like and if it is right for you!

Step 1: Your Dream Job – What Exactly Do You Want?
  • What work would you love to do; what company culture would you love to experience; what does your working day look like?
  • What does work mean to you, what do you expect to get from it and how will it make you happy?
  • Where and how do you want to work?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • How does it make you feel?
Step 2: Why Do You Want This Dream Job?
  • Do you feel you have so much more to give and achieve but can’t seem to move forward?
  • Are your core values aligned with the stated core values of your current employer or is there a mismatch and you feel you no longer fit in?
  • What impact do you want your work to have on the world – locally and globally?
  • Are you a people person, a technical person, someone who wants to work alone or as part of a multi-faceted team?
  • Do you want more manageable working hours, less stress, to feel valued etc.?
Step 3: What Is Your Story?
  • You as a person – what are your natural gifts and talents and how would your friends and family describe you?
  • You the professional – what is your career history; what are your significant accomplishments and how do your successes make you feel?
  • When did you have to show real resilience and determination, what were the circumstances, outcomes and how did these make you feel?
  • What skills and abilities have you developed through your experiences and how well could you adapt them to different ways of working?
  • What value do you bring to your dream job and your future employer?
Step 4: What Are Your Options?
  • Do your research!  If you are aiming at a specific job in a specific organisation, take the time to learn all you can about the organisation, the job, the culture, their work ethic, and the key people.
  • If you plan to change sector in a completely new role or start your own business, research your niche market / sector, target clients, potential competitors, external sectoral influences.
  • Last, but not least, research yourself vis-á-vis your dream job!  Do you have the skills and tools to do the job, do you know what it will take for you to realise it and how committed are you really?
Step 5: Decision Time – Is This Dream Job Right For You?
  • Before you move forward, test whether your dream job is right for you.  Does thinking about it make you feel more alive?
  • Is it in alignment with your core values and will you experience greater happiness and fulfilment?
  • Does it mean you will grow in your professional and personal capacity?
  • Will it make a difference for the good for others?
  • Are you willing to commit fully to realising it, starting now?

Sometimes it is difficult to see yourself as others see you and to be objective and succinct about your story, achievements and capabilities.  This is human nature and when the ‘imposter syndrome’ kicks in!

I can help you with this by supporting you in identifying your absolute dream job using my Career Clarity Roadmap.   When this is complete, and you are ready to put yourself out into the market for your dream job, I can help you develop your powerful CV, guide you in submitting your dream job application and ultimately prepare you for the interview of your life!

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